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My name is Lynsey Diehl. I'm the owner and sole provider here at Prairie Point Counseling. I believe life is an ongoing opportunity to heal and grow into the most authentic version of yourself. Counseling is a tool to help you find that authentic voice and discover what truly makes you light up in life.

I believe my clients are the experts of their own lives and already have tools to heal within themselves. My role, as your therapist, is to help you uncover those tools and heal the roadblocks that are keeping you from moving forward. Together, we will lay the foundation to help you build a life that brings you true fulfillment, joy, and peace. I am honored to walk this journey with you and look forward to meeting you!

With Warmth,


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I believe that therapy is one of the deepest connections you may cultivate in your life. I empower my potential clients to choose a provider who is a good match for them, clinically and personally. My style of counseling aims to help you improve all areas of your life, through a holistic lens, and not be a quick fix to alleviate symptoms. You are not broken. You are already whole. I offer warmth, authenticity, encouragement, and gentle compassion to my clients as we uncover the path to a life they are excited to live. While I have had experience and do great work with clients across the lifespan, I truly light up when I work with individuals navigating the following life experiences:


I specialize in helping my clients overcome heavy experiences from their past that are keeping them from enjoying their life. My clients often come to me seeking relief from triggers, nightmares, and intrusive memories related to trauma. They hope to break cycles from their own childhood so they can live a life of freedom and contentment. We work to not only alleviate their symptoms, but to heal the past so they can live the life they have always deserved. I work to cultivate a space where my clients can feel empowered and safe. Through this work together, my clients learn to nurture and love the parts of themselves that deserved to have their needs met in childhood. You are worthy of connection and belonging. You are more than enough just the way you are today.


I enjoy working with individuals who are stepping into the role of motherhood. Motherhood can bring a spectrum of emotions that may leave women feeling vulnerable. From infertility, trying to conceive, conception, pregnancy, loss, birth, and postpartum; I help mothers in all stages of preparing for a family. It is my role, as your therapist, to help you navigate the pits and peaks along your unique journey. I offer wisdom, support, and guidance to help you overcome obstacles and celebrate this new version of yourself that is also being born. I have completed advanced certification in prenatal/perinatal mood disorders, pregnancy and infant loss, and processing of traumatic pregnancy/birth experiences. Your experience matters. You deserve to be nurtured too, mama.


I find passion in my work with clients who are on the path of seeking a higher purpose in their life. My clients often come to me because they know they are being called for something more in life. These clients come seeking clarity on steps to help them align with their authentic life path. I blend elements of spirituality, philosophy, and historical wisdom to help my clients pursue the stirring in their heart towards something more. Through shadow work, unblocking core beliefs, and inner child work, clients will develop an authentic code to use as a guiding compass towards their calling. Together, we will help you in building a life you are grateful to wake up to every day.  You were born for greatness. You are a powerful co-creator of your lived experience!

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Monday-Thursday 9:00am-5:00pm

4719 Shelburne Street
Suite 4
Bismarck, ND 58503

Ph. 701-502-6704

Fax. 701-248-4651

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